Justin S. Garrett

Mr. Garrett has commercial and residential construction experience that can take some people decades to achieve. He has been fortunate to work with some of the largest residential construction companies in the country, and has worked with both small, family owned, general contractors, and large industry leading general contractors. This experience has allowed him to gain a unique inside look into how successful companies both large and small handle projects throughout all aspects of the construction process. Mr. Garrett’s unique approach to building takes the best of all of these companies and refines their methods into a more current, up to date, management style that helps his clients have a technical advantage that saves both time and money, along with showing each client a more succinct look into all their project can be. In today’s ever changing markets Spencer Construction Management isn’t just looking to keep up with the old way things have always been done, we are looking to raise the bar. Mr. Garrett received his B.A. in Business Communication from St. Edward’s University in 1999.